Meet 'Wilian'

Flat Top Diaper Bin


This product idea originated from changing way too many dirty diapers and constantly putting them into the same boring garbage-like diaper bins. Our Eureka! moment sprouted after changing our son and putting the dirty diaper on top of our bedside night table, which inspired us to design an aesthetically pleasing diaper bin that could be stylishly integrated into a nursery or child’s room as a furniture piece.
The diaper bin is modelled after a ‘night table meets postal box’ so it has a flat top with side panelling and is front loaded. This enables one to utilize the diaper bin’s flat top surface to place supplies, wipes, diapers, or just about anything (most diaper bins have a rounded top and are top loaded thus rendering the top surface useless in terms of being able to hold anything else). The functional built-in LED lighting under the lip of the top surface provides soothing ambient lighting for those night time diaper changes.
Our diaper bin’s front door load mechanism is operated via a sleek concealed push foot pedal, which means that it is hands-free operation to dispose of dirty diapers which is extremely useful when hands inevitably get a little bit of poop or pee on them. A sleek flush-mounted lock on the side of the bin prevents unwanted opening of the diaper door.
The other unique element to our diaper bin is that it is actually two bins in one (a bin within a bin) offering two layers of sealing and odour protection! The outer visible aesthetic bin has rubber seals all around, while the internal bin has a proprietary trap door sealed lid (so, lots of sealing!). If you want the bin to smell fresh, there is an integrated, yet removable, dishwasher safe scent pocket which one can fill with any of their favourite scents. This internal bin sits in a cradle which can be tilted forward so that the bin can be easily pulled out, saving your back from having to hunch over. The beauty of the internal bin is that it can accommodate any regular garbage bag.

Unlike other diaper bins on the market, which only serve a single use as holding diapers, our diaper bin can be utilized as the child’s laundry hamper after the toddler transitions out of diapers to underwear. If the internal bin has been heavily soiled over the years from the diapers, the internal bin can be easily replaced with a new one to accommodate the use of clothing. As a result, our diaper bin grows with the child serving their future needs. To keep the bin looking fresh, cool and up-to-date with the child and ones latest décor, we have available peel and stick skins (designs and patterns are limitless) which one can apply to the exterior recessed panels to constantly change the look of the bin to suit any style and need.

Prototype 1

Provisional Patent Pending.