Meet 'Libby'

Portable Change Table Diaper Bag

This product idea originated simply from having children and dealing with a common pain point every parent faces when going out with their little ones – the dreaded NO available baby change table or a VERY DIRTY baby change table!

As active parents who always take our children out with us, we regularly experience the painful ordeal of non-existent baby change facilities… even at new establishments! (If you go anywhere historical or “old” you can pretty much guarantee that a baby change table will not be present). If a baby change facility was available oftentimes it would be extremely unsanitary and the last place we would want to lay our baby down. We have changed our children in the back seat, trunk and hood of the car, in restaurant booths (one time in Venice, Italy in the actual restaurant seat itself!), on a church pew, on sidewalks, parking lots and the grass, and hanging mid-air to name a few memorable moments. As a result, we decided that enough is enough and to invent a portable change table which is integrated directly into a diaper bag.

It goes without saying that anyone with a baby or toddler has a diaper bag to carry the usual supplies, so we combined two vital parenting tools into one. We are not talking about a little flimsy mat, but an actual rigid table. This will ensure that parents will never again have to worry about when, where or how they will change their little ones when they go out.

With a few (un)zips and clicks, the change table is easily deployed from the diaper bag and the legs of the table can be extended to provide three height settings (flat, medium, high) to suit any situation – change your baby on the counter, table, floor, chair, or sidewalk! Further, the change table can be detached from the diaper bag in the event that one wishes to take only one item, or both items can be zipped together to form one seamless looking bag. Parents no longer have to worry about non-existent baby change tables or dirty baby change tables because parents now have their very own baby change table wherever they go. Changing a baby can now be done effortlessly any where, any time, any place!

Prototype 1

Provisional Patent Pending